Sunday, March 19, 2006

Debate -- NPQRS nationals, day 2

D1/D2 ended up with four ballots -- they needed 3 more to make elimination rounds... oh well.

Things are going well -- my pal from LA kind of wants to hurt my pal from WW.... hubby seems pretty happy and I'm tired already... and it isn't even noon yet.

We broke just enough teams to force an extra elim round tonight. I'm really glad we drove over here, as walking home at 1:00AM after the last round and all is cleaned up would suck. We have a big van (like a normal debate team) so we'll probably have a bunch of passengers.

So far we've had no controversy -- but that is still to come, once the tournament gets smaller, the stakes get higher and the pairing/judge situaiton gets more tricky. Until then, peace---

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