Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Personal -- I'm just sick... UPDATED!!

I read a friend's blog. She mentions that her mom is selling her house and moving into a condo that doesn't allow cats. She has two cats. Mom decided that it would be better to put down two healthy cats rather than try to find them homes together or separate. My friend is an adult and sounds like she'll be on vacation when the cats are killed.

So--- let me get this logic... the CATS will be happier DEAD than liviing with others, and possibly separate. Yea.. this is for the good of the cats. right. This is all about mom's convenience-- killing them is easier.

My friend seems to be ok with this, or -- so her blog post indicates. She may be more upset than she writes, but I'm not so sure about that.

Frankly, not being upset about this and not even seeming to THINK about either finding another place to live, other than a "pretty" condo -- or, not even seeming to consider taking them to a shelter makes me ill. I can't really consider someone who would do such a thing so easily a friend.

The post indicates that the cats have been with them since birth -- they have f-ing responsibilities to them. I'm not all that convinced that animals have rights, but if you take responsibility for an animal, you should fulfil that or at least take the time and effort to find someone else to take care of them for you.

If this is really her position, that it isn't a problem and that she doesn't seem to think she has a duty to the cats to at least give them a sliver of hope at the shelter... then she can't be my friend.

Enough of this --- my polydactl cat needs some loving...

Update -- friend's blog says that perhaps her aunt will ake them -- I hope it is true and not just something said to save face...


Seeking Solace said...

OMG, How absolutely awful. I would never think of moving into a place that would not accept my dog. Three are so many places and people that would love to take in a pet. It sickens me to think that someone would take a health animal to be euthanized.

Recently, my nephew's mother had to move back in with her parents. My nephew has a cat that he loves dearly. But, Grandpa does not like cats. So, my mom agreed to take the cat in. It worked out for the both of them. My nephew gets to see his kitty whenever he wants and my mom has someone to keep her company since she lives alone and is battling cancer.

You are right. We have a responsibility to our pets to give them a health and happy life. If you can’t do that, there plenty of people who are ready, willing and able to do so.

Natalie said...

If we did not already have the max allowed cats for an apartment, then I would tell this person to ship me the cats.
Horrible. I had to return a cat I had adopted to the no kill shelter once because he had behavioral issues that meant he peed on me in my bed every night. Since I lived in a studio, it was a major problem. That was incredibly difficult and I can not imagine anyone having cats from kittenhood and just deciding to do that. It is disgusting and even more upsetting because so many places do allow cats, or if someone has their heart set on moving to a new place, there are no-kill shelters that will take the cats.

Dae, Hyde, and Haakon elicit a collective hiss.

Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

I forgot to add that we are actually maxed out plus one -- or I'd take them myself. Mom already has three and two dogs --

I left a comment on her blog with the shelter suggestion. I hope she takes it.

I can see having to return a cat who was not working out, but that is different as you had both your other cat's sanity and your own to consider. Even then, you didn't put down the hellish cat, simply gave him another chance to be happy elsewhere.

Dr. Lisa said...

This is extremely sad. Why do people have pets if they don't love them?