Saturday, March 18, 2006

Debate -- so far, so-so....

Tournament wise --- we started KQRS nationals with locked doors and a building manager who didn't expect to see us until 9:00 --- sounds like another host issue... of which we've had a few.

Rex is exraordinarliy helpful. I'm happy he's her.

We got the third round off 15 minutes EARLY -- which makes me happy.

All the judges showed up, we didn't have a printer SNAFU and they are mostly picking up their ballots. YEA. Tomorrow will likely be another story, but the hotel is close and we can go bang on their doors if necessary.

I just did a quick count -- and of the judges I know --(i.e. almost all of them) at most there are 8 or 9 that have been doing this as long or longer than I... and of that number 3 are in doubt--- damm... maybe it is time for me to stop doing debate. I hate to leave my girlfriend from MO and my pal from CO in the pool by themselves, but this isn't my field.

Competition wise...

D1/D2 took a hard loss the first round. They thought they were winning, and they lost 2-0. Last round it got messy and they split 1-1. This round they could and should win--- we'll see. We are on the good side of the resolution for us and the judge panel...

Community wise --- It is nice to see a long-time pal (since he was competing..) here. He's the one I would love to have take over for me at BNCC. I'm sure we'll be able to pay him more than he'll get at his next gig -- and he'd be the guy in charge. Together with the other debate coach already on the faculty, they wouldn't DARE kill the team.... we'd take the place down in support of my pal.

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