Friday, March 24, 2006

Debate -- the second-to-last so-so Days Inn of the year

We are done at the beach house and are moved to Corvallis for the last national championship. It was hard to leave the great place we found -- but it was time to go.

One more major tournament, and then one easier national tournament to go this year and we'll be done until next year. I think I'm ready --I keep having daydreams about going places with hubby and not counting heads when we stop to pee.

A kind of strange thing happened via the internets today... big guy found the threaded discussion area where we discuss debate stuff... Bene - Nets... or, something like that :). It wasn't hard to figure out who hubby and I were there, and I'm DAMM GLAD I haven't done any complaining about my administration there-- only nice stuff... because there is only nice stuff to say about them in real life. Sure, I complained about the business office trolls once or twice ('cuz they deserved it..) but I also gave those complaints to administration so it isn't much of a secret or anything.

I shouldn't be surprised that he found it, it isn't hard -- I do find it a bit odd that he actually took the time to look at it during the conference he's attending away from home (or, maybe he hasn't left yet??) . I had sent him an e-mail using the acronyms for our nationals, perhaps he googled them -- I think the discussion board comes up with a google. I know it is linked a bazillion ways, so it makes sense -- it is just kind of odd because I've never had anybody in my administration care enough to find it pretty much on their own.

He also told me that he couldn't make it back for the "big on-campus debate about a controversial topic that I can't identify further because it will really blow my cover" deal week after next, but that the president of the school rearranged his itenerary to be there. wow. no pressure or anything, what with my tenure track proposal due less than two weeks after the event... yikes.

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