Thursday, March 02, 2006

Teaching --- Grading Jail

I swear, I'll put myself in grading jail on Monday and Tuesday until I get them done. If I have to lock myself in my office with PowerBars and a water bottle (double use...yea! -- or, really, yuck) and not come out until I have my Intro to Philosophy papers done.

I'm looking forward to next fall. I won't be teaching Intro, I'll have two logic sections, debate and ethics to teach. If things go my way I'll be able to facilitate a teaching circle next semester too -- and I'll give up my regular ethics section and keep the honors section. I could realistically have a Maximum of 96 philosophy students -- down from my first semester when I actually started the semester with 250. I may even learn their names.

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gingajoy said...

i've already broken my own vow to put myself in "writing jail" today--by reading your blog, and commenting! ok, off to it! good luck with the grading!