Friday, April 14, 2006


I have a nice teaching schedule... my teaching week goes from Monday at 4:00 to Thursday at 12:15 -- It is this way for debate so that I can travel without cancelling classes. The result is something like, you can teach a lot AND do this second job -- all for one salary. It is my choice, but tiring.

I was hoping that once I was done with debate, the schedule would actually BE nice. What I'm finding is that the other stuff fills in the days and I end up on-campus from Monday at 8:00AM to Thursday at 7:00 PM -- and often on Friday as well... .as a result, today is the first Friday I won't be travelling or on-campus since last fall.

I have a few things to do today...

1) Shop for Easter Basket stuff-- Target, some chocolate bunnies and other stuff... maybe I'll go to Rocky Mountain Chocolate factory for the goodies -- it will be all adults for Easter this year, we should have the good stuff!

2) Pick up pants the drycleaner lost before we went to Oregon. I found the tag and realized it would be handy to have them next week for interviews.

3) Pick up easter dinner from the honey baked ham store -- yep, I'm doing the buy a dinner option this year - less hassle and better food. Since it is at home, we also get the leftovers... YEA!

4) Pedicure and wax -- my brows are out of control and my feet look like goat's hooves.

Notice, none of those tasks include grading, papers or anything else!

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