Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Teaching -- yea for repeat students

So -- I'm sitting in what the girlfriend of the Russian described as my, "hip and modern" office (huh ?? the furniture is just like everyone else's) counseling a logic student on the brink of tears (got a D+++++++ now, scared of the final) when I see a flash of THEM in the doorway waiting for the crying girl to be done... I know then that my day will get better.

THEY are a couple -- they are also two of my favorite students. They come to my office and the topic of conversation goes from "is this the logic book you'll use," to "you and hubby are so cute in this picture" to "my mom is crazy, but she got a new kidney" to "I want to be a marine-biologist or work at the zoo (her)" -- he wants to be a philosophy prof... at a CC (scary, he wants to be ME... yikes..). We are already talking job-market and how to position yourself with a grad department... wow.

They will be in my MW classes -- both classes, both students... I'm pretty sure I can handle the madness from 2:30-5:15 on MW... I did it on Wednesday nights last fall.

This is a couple I really like. She's out-going, a bit brassy and really has an amazing sense of humor AND a passion to do what she thinks is right. He's more quiet, a slightly better student and prone to say very reflective things... and he loves her to death. She knows she's got a good thing in him and, although she teases him -- she loves him just as much. They are the kind of students I came to a CC to teach -- non-traditional students with a passion for learning.

During our conversation we decided that going to school wasn't just a vocational thing -- sure, you need a job, but going to college isn't all about that -- they are the first students in a long time who actually brought that concept up with me... I didn't have to introduce them to the idea. They appreciate their college experiences. They don't always get their homework done, their papers and exams aren't perfect and they don't always have the right answers in class ---- and that is what makes them so much fun.. .because they love school in spite of not always getting a pat on the back and an "I'm smart today" sticker...

THEY are really into animal welfare. They have quite a few foster-dogs and were heavily involved in the care and long-term placement of Katrina dogs. I didn't have a chance to ask them about that...

Next fall is going to be a riot -- they'll challenge me just like I NEED to be challenged. Now, I can't wait to start their classes -- too bad I have to do the others... maybe I'll get lucky there too??

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T-Mac said...

Wow, they sound like awesome folks whom I would love to teach! Rock on!