Friday, April 21, 2006

Teaching -- goodbye teaching circle

So -- today was our last meeting for our teaching circle. I'm kind of sad that it is coming to an end just when we're really getting to know one another. They really are a nice bunch, probably my favorite circle so far. It was easy to facilitate them.

The topic was teaching with web technology -- our previous meetings were demonstrations, working with D2L, e-folios and the like. The last meeting was problems, issues and other stuff. Most of the group is older than me, some with kids who are in high school and college. They don't know the difference between IM, Facebook and blogs.

Of course, we had to look at my facebook -- and we discussed the possible problems students may have with it etc... as well as the problems it can cause for teachers. A middle school teacher had some students make a fake myspace with stuff about child porn on it... the teacher didn't know until someone else told them.

Then the topic moved to blogs... I showed them "Rate your Students" and a couple of others... we discussed why people would want to blog etc.. I want it on record that I defended y'all (i.e. people who have blog friends) against the charge of not having a "real" life.

The funny part came when we, jokingly, accused the only guy in the circle of having a psuedononymous blog... then, whenever we'd say something we'd rather not have the administration hear, we'd ask him if that was going on his blog :)... Of course, I had a blog post planned all along.

The topic then moved to academic freedom, freedom of speech and problems caused for faculty etc.. We started to discuss a recent controversy at school, the remanents of which are on the bulletin board upstairs-- so, then we took a walk to see what the fuss was about etc.. (I'll post later on stupid stuff adjuncts do..).

After the walk, we discussed a whole lot of other stuff, including the news that TWO of my circle had their projects selected for an innovation conference in NC next fall.. the group had some great suggestions as to how to make it work. Sadly, the time was up and we had to say goodbye.

So -- if any of you are lurking and reading my blog -- thanks for keeping my secret (JQ, you had a funny look on your face, do you read???) leave a comment or something... I won't mind. What happens in the circle stays in the circle... besides, if you know me, it is pretty clear that this blog couldn't belong to ANYONE else.

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T-Mac said...

You should have pointed them to "Everything bad is good for you," the book that Ian is always talking up and that I love, also. Thanks for going to bat for bloggers everywhere!