Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Life -- for the record...

1) chocloate bunny haunches taste better than the ears.
2) the tress are budding, my allergies are nuts and so are some of my students.
3) group presentations on porn and prostitution can be boring (my 9:30 class) or rowdy (my 4:00).
4) I think I love my 4:00 class more than I have loved any other class this year... last year's 11:00 logic class comes close.
5) Swear Jar has discovered that the term "semester" really means "year" to some administrators... he's going to have to fix their vocabulary faults before he can take over the world.
6) It was a GOOOOD day in the philosophy factory. More later when the person is notified -- suffice it to say that I got what I wanted!
7) 24 days left, total.
8) hubby had a good teaching day
9) Planning a trip to Colorado... anybody want to lend a couple of poor academics their multi-million dollar ski house for the summer? a month? a week?... ok, fine --- we'll rent a condo instead.....

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