Sunday, April 02, 2006

The Irish Debaters..

So, in some fit of wanting to impress the administration -- I invited the Irish Times National Champions to visit campus after the big nationals... of course, if I could have read a calendar I'd have realized that their visit coincided with the first weekend I should have had off for a while... duh...

Now I'm waiting for them to call from the airport. I'll pick them up, go to the mall for lunch and then to an NBA game and home to our place for dinner... and, what is hubby doing??? curling... Sadly, my debaters are all working today -- so they can't do the NBA game with them -- although some would love to (Rex is a sports nut...).

Tomorrow they'll do two debates on campus about a recently controversial issue -- (can't say more --don't want the hate mail or to absolutely confirm my ID).

I'm really looking forward to the end of this hassle -- The Irish will be fine, my campus is in a mini-uproar... Suffice it to say that one faculty member (the original trouble maker) wants to make more trouble at the event -- has notified the media and a whole bunch of othe stuff... has called me "spineless" in an e-mail "accidentally" sent to me and not a pal --- all in an attempt to get me to support her in what I thought was a terribly tacky and mean thing to do in the first place. I won't do it... period -- I refuse to insult my students that way... (think Europe and potentially offensive drawn political commentary to get the basic issue...) -- now think about a faculty member posting those drawings on a hallway bulleting board... and wanting me to handout copies of that same drawring at the events ---

On top of it all, the president of the college will be coming back early from a conference to see the event. He'll be giving opening remarks etc--- all in the couple of weeks before my tenure review..... aaaaaarghhhhhhhhh.

wish me well -- I'd like to strike a happy balance between nobody there but us and a riot.

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