Sunday, April 30, 2006

Teaching -- one more week... by the numbers...

5 hours of presentations (ethical issues---fun for me :) ).
2.5 hours of logic
2.5 hours of extra logic review (will they show up??? Some of them will if they want to pass their final.)
2 debate recruitment meetings
7 debate portfolios to read
1 logic exam to finish
1 ethics exam to finish
1 paper to finish (yes, I'll do it soon!)
2 papers to send to flat state...

On to the fun stuff...
Next week:
1 logic final to give -- about 35 to grade (Monday)
80ish Intro to Philosophy exams to grad (due Monday)
4 syllabi to write for next year (Ethics, honors Ethics, Logic and Debate)
1 teaching circle book to compile..

1 vacation to plan (YEA!! a week in Steamboat to read and relax...).

This summer...
1 dissertation to write (uff da).

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