Monday, April 10, 2006

Teaching -- random news from the philosophy factory

A few things in no particular order...

I saw D2 doing logic with his class outside of my office window. Looked like he was helping a very cute girl -- go D2!

The Russian can't figure out why we might want to protect the defenseless in society... egads..

Swear Jar is working on a hostile takeover of student government... that's my boy! I got a "thank you" e-mail from their advisor, "cul-de-sac" --- thanking me for pointing out the error in an e-mail that declared Swear Jar's opponent the new student senate president, when that wasn't how I understood it. Cul-de-sac worded the e-mail like I'd somehow played Swear Jar like a puppet... what Cul-de-sac doesn't realize is that debaters actually think on their own once in a while..

The f-ing printer/copier was down today and requires service.... holding up both my expense report AND my portfolio.

Today is Rex's birthday-- 25... getting old! I'm still glad he didn't make the play (and thus was free to join debate).

Saw Herbie for the first time in a while... I don't know what he's up to recently, probaby hiding from me as he didn't make the debate with the Irish.

Student X left a note on my door today. It was nice and sweet, but I'm not sure they get it -- they have to formulate their own plan to get out of this hole. I gave the parameters in my initial e-mail and gave them again... we'll see if something comes of it. As it is, I'm getting unexpected support for showing the tough love and pulling them from the extracurricular activity.

Got the news that our pilot assessment project for the summer was funded. Now all we need to do is find a third faculty member to play with us and we are all set -- any volunteers :).

Our first interview is Wednesday -- dog dad -- I hope he does well, I'd love for him to become permanet faculty.... although I'm trying to be fair to all candidates. The next couple of weeks will be kind of hard, and the last three of the semester will be harder still if we don't hire him... He's not like the last one we didn't hire from within (i.e. he's qualified...).

I'm really hoping Timna gets her job -- her CC probably doesn't deserve someone as good as her...

Damm -- I'm going to miss Dog Mom next door... rumor has it that the asshat she's doing a sabbatical replacement for won't be back full-time, of his own choice. I'm also going to miss theater guy... the permanent lady isn't nearly so bright, innovative or level-headed. Come to think of it, I miss the sabbatical replacement for the humanites lady as well... sigh -- I know I shouldn't get attached to one-years, but we have the most in common and they are the most fun!

I wonder what is going on with the old hippie chick down the hall. People have become permanent subs in her classes and I have not heard exactly what is going on with her... I worry that she's not ok mentally...

The New Permanent Guy in our discipline is working out very well. I hope he's as happy as he's making us!

I need to start an end of school countdown on my calendar tomorrow...

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Seeking Solace said...

The faculty copier is AFU at my college too...just in time for final exams and grading!!!