Thursday, April 06, 2006

Teaching -- student blues update

Student A came to logic today ready to learn. Her "friend" did not. "Friend" was missing a quiz and my guess is that she'll drop the class. This is fine with me -- it eliminates the cheating problem.

Student X is silent -- we'll see. I have the support of big guy on this one, and I think I've earned his respect. I wish it didn't have to be that way, but at least I'm not losing political capital with him.

Several logic students have admitted they need help with the stuff -- GOOD. Keep both me and the tutor busy and I don't have to grade more craptastic quizzes later... I like this.

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Dena Marie said...


I am alarmed for you! I agree that you very well may have contributed to Student X's problem behavior. Sometimes the best thing you can do for students like that is to kick them right in the ass - nice and swift.

I also have a student like this one and since putting my foot in his ass (i.e. letting him know that I would drop him from the course the very same day that he misses another class or doesn't turn in an assignment on time), he is one of my best students. He's much more motivated in and out of class, he turns in good work, and there is none of this "buddy-buddy" disrespect. Honestly, I don't know how you've put up with *that*---it would seriously piss me off.

My suggestion is to fail Student X. Per the course's requirements, he doesn't deserve to pass; and you've been holding his hand for *far* too long. Hopefully, this will be the reality check he needs to take his future more seriously. If you do him this favor, it will benefit you as well. Your load of work and worry will be much lighter by putting the responsibility for his education where it belongs -- on him, *not* you!

Good luck.