Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Teaching -- what "spare time"?

I thought that once debate was over (and, it is over... more than likely, at least) I'd have more time to get things done.. that isn't turning out to be the case.

After a surprise (to me) assessment committee meeting today--- I'm already behind,

For example, tomrrow: major to dos.....
1) write letter of rec for fomer debater -- ASAFP -- deadline is Monday.
2) write article about teaching circle -- due tomrrow --
3) meet w/ hiring committee--- important meeting. (12-1)
4) Get ready for class (gasp... I teach too?? I thought "faculty" was defined as "person who goes to endless meetings"
5) sort out and clean my office etc...
6) meet with two students who "don't get" logic -- at least they are coming to me... I secretly (or, not so secretly) wish they'd go to the tutor instead.

All of that -- and it is a pretty short day-- 3 meetings and 1 class to teach on Kant (at least I can do that from my own knowledge...

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Teri said...

Maybe your students have been to the tutor and still don't get it? Or they don't trust the tutor? Or they are aiming for brownie points. ("Look, I'm trying Really Hard, can't I have the next grade higher?") Still, that's an awful lot to get done.