Monday, April 24, 2006

Debate -- funny

We were in my Intro to Philosophy class.... in that class are D1 and the Russian.

A student (not a debater) called the Russian "a (insert D2's last name here)"

D1 and I looked at eachother across the room... confused --

I said in my best 'not a baby' voice... "not a D2"

D1 laughed -- because the Russian and D2 are VERY different. He got the joke

The Russian said "D2 is much cooler than me"... He didn't get the joke.

the rest of the class didn't quite get it, but had to agree anyway.

Kind of made me want to sing "waitin' on D2, waiting on D2 hi-ho the merry-o we're waitin on D2" -- just for old time's sake.

I'm going to miss this easygowing crowd... Swear Jar, the worry girl, Herbie, and the one I don't have a nickname for will be good -- but a different team. I'm also not going to have the camp bonding experience I had with D1/D2 and Rex... so, we'll see how it goes.


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Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

It was funny because the guys stole "not a baby" from the girl one of their girlfriends/(my former-snooty school debater) nannys for... she'd say "not a baby" -- and the boys would say it in a whiney voice in order to whine while we were in Oregon (forever).