Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Personal -- hubby the curler...

You know that weird winter Olympic sport that "nobody watches"... where they slide a big round thing down the ice and a couple of people run in front of it rubbing the ice so that the big round thing gets closer to the target...

In BNCC, we call it "curling" -- kind of like Sweedish/Canadia/BNState bowling... and hubby is in TWO curling leagues --

One meets on Sunday late-afternoons at a normal ice rink -- not very comfortable... I probably won't go back to watch.

The other meets in an actual curling club. It is a building built for curling. You walk in and there are 6-8 lanes, with benches etc... at the end. There are permanent scoreboards etc...

There is a VERY comfortable place to watch the action... great leather couches etc -- there are locker rooms and a BAR upstairs. This is my kind of spectator sport --i.e. one that keeps me from having to go to grading jail (I got all of the current crop of shor assignments done, my students will be shocked!).

If the bar's grill was open and I could get internet, I'd never leave...why should I?

I suppose they'd think it was a bit strange that I was there and hubby wasn't on the ice -- perhaps I could be the first curling cheerleader? hmmmmm

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