Saturday, April 22, 2006

Academic Saturdays...

BNCC has a significant technical component -- it is also "ruled" more or less by some senior people who aren't in academic fields.... (i.e. they either teach hands-on technical courses with little grading, or phys ed... with equally little grading).

This is why I got so officially PISSED when the Queen Bee from phys ed suggested that my teaching circle re-schedule for a Saturday morning so that the members of our circle could go to the retirement party.

Ummmm I work on Saturday mornings... I said to her..

She, (not being too bright) looked puzzled..

In order to keep up with a 5/5 load, I have to GRADE on Saturdays. Also, at least a couple of the members of my circle TEACH on Saturdays. She looked even more puzzled...

I suppose if you are just teaching people how to do push-ups there is little work-related that fills your weekend.

This is why they complain that we "only" have 20 contact hours (15 teaching, 5 office hours) -- they think that equates to WORKING 20 hours... and don't understand why that means we really work 45-60 per week.

At least our new academic VP is former English faculty and not stupid about these things... the last one caved in and made some scheduling rules that were bizarre... (no back-to-back classes, no 4 day teaching schedule without 2 night classes...). I have a feeling that will change.

I also have a feeling that I'm writing a post to avoid working on my papers..

I should go now.

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