Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Winter break, by the numbers...

14: days since grades were submitted
? (i.e. I'm not frigging counting): days until school starts
? (i.e. I'm not frigging counting) +2: days until Hubby has to go back to Red State
1: number of semesters Hubby has left in Red State (YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
3: the total number of years we'll have survived this long distance thing
3: the number of days until my conference paper is due
147,679: the number of days I feel like I need to get this paper right -- but, even if I had the days, I probably wouldn't use them to write this paper.

4: the number of days until we head up north (YEA!!! more snow and cold!!!)
2: the number of nights we'll spend at super-mom's --
1: the number of days we'll have to do mom's list (things that require ladders etc...)
3: the number of nights we have at fun/funky/whatever odd little town on the superior lake
4: the number of syllabi I need to write second drafts of while I'm up north
2: the number of fun books I bought with the 'ladies who lunch', with the intention of taking them up north
? (i.e. I'm not frigging counting): the number of books I'll probably buy i n fun/funky/odd town -- since our hotel is across the street from a good bookstore

2: the number of kitties in the household
43: the number of cats it SEEMS as if we have in the household
2: the number of dishes the Minion has broken in the past month
0: the number of dishes broken by all previous cats
679,899: the number of times the Minion has been squirted by me or Hubby --- this week
?: the number of times the Queen has broken into our office to sit in my chair

4: the number of seasons of "The Office" we've watched since the start of Christmas break. That's a lot of Dunder-Mifflin... we have an itunes season pass, so we'll see the rest of them before the end of break.

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