Sunday, December 07, 2008

Undergrads are noisy in every state....


I'm at my BA library in Red State. I'm here to do some dissertation work.... but I can't seem to get away from the interruptions of 18 year-olds....

There are four undergrads in a "study" room near me. They are so loud that I can hear them with my headphones on. The group is two girls and two guys -- I can't tell what the purpose of their meeting is -- but, before the meeting the girls had the most insipid conversation I've been forced to hear in a long time.

They won't stay in the room, don't seem to actually DO any work -- They even come out here to talk on their phones -- you know, where it is supposed to be quiet.

Every once in a while they'll see someone they know -- which only increases the volume ---

Kids, this isn't the common area of your dorm, nor is it the student center, coffee shop or a bar. Please leave your mating behaviors and other obnoxiousness in your own space -- and stay the hell out of mine!

I suppose it serves me right for coming on Sunday, rather than Saturday --- when I know they are too hung-over / watching 'the game' or whatever to go to the library. Really, I'm guessing their project is due tomorrow -- and, being typical undergrads, they haven't started yet.

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