Saturday, December 06, 2008


I'm caught up with grading.

I know that is kind of amazing -- especially since next week is "grades" day in logic, so my task was to grade their last quiz and then see if they satisfied the conditions for being exempt from the exam.

Sadly, more than a few who were doing well bombed the last quiz. So, they'll have to take the final. I don' t exactly understand why they didn't perform, but I do know that if they'd done their homework they would have performed -- because the quiz questions come from the homework. It is also the case that they can access an answer key for the homework questions, so they have no real excuse.

So -- at the end of the semester I'll need to:
-- grade logic finals (doesn't take too long, thankfully!). Their final exam grade IS their final grade at this point...
-- read and grade opinion papers from the students presenting today... and do the misc. stuff to calculate grades for my Ethics classes.

If I say "uncle", can next week just BE finals week??? I want to get it over!

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