Friday, December 19, 2008

RBO -- a "duty" day...

  • Sometimes the grade-grubbers are right. I missed including the extra-credit into the grades of two students -- within 12 hours of their grades being posted, they wanted to know why they got Bs instead of As... Of course, they weren't doing nearly as well as they thought they were doing, but -- the extra-credit changed their high B to a low A -- so, I went in and changed their grades.
  • I think today may be the first day I've actually been on campus for the Fall end of semester duty day--- at least since I had a bizzillion 10 page papers to grade in my first year at BNCC.
  • The coffee lady got a bit freaked out when I ordered a hot drink. Clearly, I'm spending too much time and money at the coffee shop --- time to start making it at home.
  • Hubby's home, and so is his stuff.
  • I must have missed some fun -- Hubby is running a bath. Both the Queen and the Minion came into the office wet --- the Queen had a wet back and the Minion had at least two wet feet. I'm sorry I missed his encounter with a tub full of water.
  • I think today is 'plug in the ipod and write' day. It will be hard to resist having it be 'plug in the ipod and play on the internet day' -- which is more fun, but less productive. Also hard to resist will be 'plug in the ipod and take photos of the Queen and the Minion' day and 'plug in the ipod, go to bed and read a book while the ipod plays in the office' day.

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Shawn Michel de Montaigne said...

Here's to a great break and a restful, pleasant New Year. Teaching is a very hard job. I'm in awe of those who can do it well, and retain their sanity.

This blog looks great! I look forward to dropping by again soon.