Monday, December 22, 2008

Memo to the Queen and the Minion:

Please note, before beginning to fight on the edge of the bathtub, you really should check to see if there is water in the tub. Otherwise, you'll get wet like you did today.

For the record, your parents think it is funny. We know you don't, but we don't care.

Mom and Hubby


Barbara said...

Of course, it's a lot funnier when no one is in the tub! (Speaking from experience). Sounds like the Minion would have a great time with our Monster!

Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

One of my old cats was so stubborn, she decided she had to sit on her cat-sitter while the cat sitter was in the tub. She was so stubborn that the fact that the cat sitter was wet didn't stop her... she sat there in the water for a while before getting out.

Barbara said...

LOL! My son recently told me he has to lock the bathroom door whenever he takes a shower to keep one of his cats from jumping in with him - and then swatting at the water drops with all his claws out!