Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I'm not sure how I'll handle it....

This morning I picked up the apartment and am doing laundry --- with plans to fold during Top Chef!!

This afternoon I put in my last grades -- 30 minutes after their final exam period started.

I also cleaned and organized my office at school. I filled a large recycling bin with old stuff and filed away the stuff I need to keep.

I've done a rough draft of next semester's syllabi -- during my finals yesterday. I like to let the syllabi percolate so that I can see the error of my initial plan before I hand it out.

I did another round of schedule "stuff", and even organized my schedule archives.

Tomorrow, my cleaning person comes and my apartment will be spotless.

Tomorrow night Hubby comes home with a pile of grading.

... and I'm not sure how I'll handle having no real responsibilities....

Of course, I still have a conference paper due January 2 -- which is 10 crappy pages right now... but, after a 4/4, department chair, chemo, long-distance marriage semester -- the prospect of time to do what I'd like is kind of scary.


Bardiac said...

Enjoy :)

Balou said...

How about a day out with Riley and I doing this? Email me.

Seeking Solace said...

Just think of the feeling you had when you finished chemo....relief. Embrace it, my friend.