Friday, December 05, 2008

A Friday without Chemo...

I've been doing Chemo on Fridays since September.

Today is the first Friday I don't have it.

Today I:

I don't have to think about exactly what to have for breakfast so that my tummy doesn't get upset.

I don' t have to remember to take the steroids before I leave home.

I don't have to get called from the waiting room three times (hook up the port/draw blood for tests, doctor's appointment, get set-up in the chemo room).

I don't have to get stuck with an inch-long port needle -- and I don't have to remember not to look at it before they stick it in.

I don't have to do the gymnastics necessary to get my port to work.

I don't have to remember to drink more so I can give a urine sample (they seem to think everyone can pee on demand -- I can't, maybe I'm a freak?).

I don't have to get weight and blood pressure checked.

I don't have to answer the same questions every week about my side-effects.

I don't have to have my one breast examined.

I don't have to sit in a semi-comfortable chair hooked into a series of bags of stuff.

I don't have to give my birth date every time I need a new bag of stuff.

I don't have to get IV Benadryl, xanx, Taxol and avastin.

I don't have to wait for the nurse to make my pump stop beeping when a bag runs out.

In short -- I don' t have to get chemo today.

Instead, I'm going to Red State!!!


Bardiac said...


timna said...

Oh! what a day!
Have a great trip!

Seeking Solace said...

Woohoo! Have a great trip!

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Bitty said...

I'm doing the happy dance on your behalf!!