Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Tale of Dessperaux... a warning...

Don't see this movie.. really!

It looks like a cute movie about a mouse with the heart of a lion.

What it ends up to be is a confusing story with too many characters and not enough plot. It takes place in a land that seems to worship soup. The great tragedy that begins every fairy tale was the Queen drowning in a bowl of soup, mostly because her husband is too stupid to pull her head up in time.

It gets worse -- triggering every feminist and body-image trigger I have. Not only is the mean girl fat (and therefore stupid and evil), she's sold with the pigs on a farm..... and the (stupid, but loveable) princess is super skinny -- like her terminally depressed or alcoholic father.... but, they set up the Prince Charming thing and then the prince charming ends up to be a frigging MOUSE.

We went because my sweet Mother in Law likes mice -- and we all like animated movies.

If we hadn't been there with them, Hubby and I would have left to go see whatever was playing in the theater next door -- it really didn't matter what it was.

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Bardiac said...

I wish I'd read your review before I saw the movie the other day. :(

I kept wondering what the heck they were thinking!

On the other hand, I really enjoyed seeing Bolt at Thanksgiving! A girl and her dog, what could be better?