Friday, December 12, 2008

So much for the sabbatical...

I just wrote an e-mail asking to withdraw my sabbatical application.

Hubby's job situation isn't working out like we thought - -and we can't afford the pay cut.

This isn't a new thing ---- but, somehow I'd hoped it wouldn't happen.

Oh well, it is more likely that hubby will go to law school -- and when he's done, we'll be able to afford a sabbatical.


julie said...

Oh, dang. Are you *sure* you can't manage the sabbatical? I mean, I can help with "thrifty" -- ask Aunt Kathy about my garbage soup! :-)

julie said...

P.S. There's no pay-cut for a single-semester sabbatical. Do it! Do it!

Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

The problem is that we have too much credit card debt -- and I'm more than likely going to take the cash for being department chair instead of release time... So there would be a pay cut :(. If I do that, we can pay the bills and have a bit leftover for emergencies... it just doesn't work without it.

I'm ok with not doing the sabbatical, especially since I have a plan to finish the dissertation anyway... and I've been saying that one of us needs to go to law school -- because having two academics in one household doesn't work.

timna said...

hey, didn't I comment this morning? It was only an "I'm sorry" but maybe I'm getting as bad as my students who didn't hit submit on the exam yesterday????

one semester is a good thing, if you can swing it. that would mean next time it's full pay. but, of course, it would postpone that year-long one, wouldn't it?