Sunday, December 14, 2008

I love the snow --

Snow, snow, snow!!!

I can love the snow because I don't have to shovel it. I also don't have to brush it off my car or deal with it too much...

So, I love watching it come down.

I wonder how many of my students will use the snow as a plea for an extension on their final opinion paper?

I've already had one claim she was up north where it is currently blizzarding (yes, that is a verb!!). Mom's confirmed it is icky up there, so she gets a small extension, mostly because if she died in a car accident I'd feel perpetually guilty -- and, I'm at least 20% sure she's telling the truth.

1 comment:

timna said...

I'm away and there's no snow here -- so it's good that you're telling me what to expect for the noon deadline!

Enjoy the no shovelling!