Friday, November 02, 2007

Work Weekend....

Hubby and I are having what we call "work weekend".

Thus, he's in Red State and I'm here.

The nice thing is that I have most of my major projects at school in a place where I don't have to do anything about them immediately.

As for grading, I did the logic quizzes yesterday. I do have a stack of movie question responses to grade, but that is pretty much a job for my new stamps :).

I do have a meeting today, but it isn't a meeting for which I need to do a lot of preparation, and it will get me out of the house -- and thus to the gym afterward.

So -- for the most part, it is my work. You know -- that dissertation thing, that book-like thing I'm working on so I can stop going to school.

So, for the weekend is me and Supreme Emergencies.... YEA!

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