Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Temporarily caught up... on the teaching side...

Right now I have no grading to do -- and none coming in tomorrow.

My next set of quizzes will be in on Tuesday, and the next set of papers not until the week of Thanksgiving (but, then that will be 80ish drafts of long papers, so I'll do my time in grading jail with the leftover turkey).

I only have about 10 minutes worth of work to do on the BICC project, then it is DONE.

My office at school is a nice, tranquil spot -- and pretty clean. My home office will be tamed before I leave town tomorrow.

I do plan to do status reports for my students, but that isn't complicated and can be done pretty easily in Red State.

We don't have school on Monday (Veteran's Day, odd -- huh?) -- so I can even leave from Red State at a reasonable time, as I don't need to be back for my 6:00 PM class -- YEA!

The thing is, I'm feeling kind of anxious about being caught up at work. I get a similar feeling the day or two after grades are turned in, especially if my syllabus is done for the next semester. I feel like I'm missing something -- like there is some huge mistake I'm making by being current with my grading.

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Bardiac said...

OMG, I bow to your superior gradingness!

Have a great weekend!