Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Funny conversation with Hubby

Background... Hubby loves to taunt me by calling the high-capacity drainage ditch in his neighborhood a "Lake". I, being a good resident of BN state know Lakes... we have a whole bunch of them.... and that puddle, my friends, is NOT a lake.

Today Hubby called me on the way past the pond, noting that "the geese have filled the lake".

I told him that he couldn't call it a "lake" anymore, or I'd revoke his BN state citizenship.

He objected, but I replied telling him that, as a BN state native, I have special powers.... I can kick the backside of anybody from Corn state, I can end sentences with a preposition, and I can eat lutefisk... and revoke BN state citizenship...

Just wait, sooner or later there will be a new character on Heroes... a BN state native.

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