Friday, November 23, 2007

6 years ago tonight..

...was the last of the old 'normal'...

My sister died suddenly. She was 30.

I still miss her and think about her often. The strangest thing is that there are no terms for the status of having lost a sibling... like there are widows and widowers, orphans etc. Perhaps it is too hard to name it?

I sometimes wonder if she's come to live with me in New Kitty's head -- New Kitty is pretty bright for a cat, and if reincarnation is true, there is nobody more likely to come back as a cat.


Bardiac said...


I'm sorry; some losses never really seem to go away.

Anonymous said...

im so sorry to hear that. loss is one of the hardest things... maintain and hang in there.

timna said...

I'm sorry.
take care.