Saturday, November 03, 2007

Darned ABC radio...

For the last two years I've been listening to our local "chick-talk" radio. For those of you who are local to BNCC... 107.1 FM.... (it is best during the week, on the weekends they do re-runs and other stuff I don't like and I listen to NPR...).

The station itself seems to be doing really well. They have lots of local sponsors and increasing ratings overall. Their target demographic seems to be women of "mom" age... adult women who are interested in local and national public issues, but don't like the confrontational nature of other talk-radio formats.

Our local station uses 3 nationally syndicated shows to complete their line-up. One of those shows is the "Satellite Sisters".... and ABC isn't renewing their distribution contract. The show is really good -- the idea is that these five interesting sisters get together on the radio from different cities to do the show -- thus the 'satellite' part. Like any group of 5 sisters, they have very distinct personalities, inside jokes and all the other fun things about 5 people who know one another well. And ABC doesn't get them. Next Friday is their last show ---

The good news is that the Satellite Sisters will continue to do podcasts, so I can catch up with them when I drive....

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