Monday, November 19, 2007

The quick slide into Christmas break....

Tonight begins the slippery-slope into Christmas break....

This week in my classroom:
  • Ethics, night class: watch Star Trek & in-class draft exchange, day sections, draft exchange.
  • Logic, both sections: "optional" day -- i.e. helping the ones who need some extra attention, but not teaching new material.
Next week:
  • Ethics, economic justice topic and drafts back from me.... obviously, Turkey goes well with drafts of applied ethics papers... sigh.
  • Logic, a quiz and then one more section of new material.
The following week:
  • Ethics, GLBTQ issues
  • Logic, one last quiz and the quiz re-take day
The following week:
LAST week of class.....
  • Ethics, watch Transamerica (excellent movie, see it!)
  • Logic, see who is eligible to opt out of the final (send my logic students good vibes so I'll have fewer final exams to grade).

The following week:
FINALS --- and Las Vegas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All in all, there will be about 5 more class sessions to teach in Ethics, 2 more to formally teach in Logic. Awesome!

1 comment:

Miss Kitty said...

Hooray! All I have left are a few Comp classes. Today, we're doing very little--showing them some examples of bad research papers, and threatening them with bodily harm if they DARE turn in tripe such as this.

Oh, and showing them a good research paper as well...if I can find it. Not sure I really WAT to do that, as I'm afraid it'll get out into the plagiarized paper pool.

Best of luck, ITPF. You can do it!