Friday, November 16, 2007

Textbook selection...

I'm teaching a section of Biomedical Ethics next semester.

I've done it once before, and while I loved my students and the topics we cover, I hated the book.

Thus, I need to select another one.

I've narrowed down the stack from my office and brought the contenders home with me.

Since the decision date was two weeks ago, I really should decide soon.

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Ashby said...

I've been using the Bioethics anthology by Blackwell (ed. Kuhse & Singer)-- with a Rachels text to give them an intro to ethics. The students usually freak out when we start reading the articles in the anthology. They think they're way over their heads-- but part of the joy of the semester is watching them figure out how to read philosophy philosophically. Also, you can't beat the anthology for its breadth.