Monday, November 05, 2007

One of those mornings... aargh

My morning started early... 4:00 AM to be precise.

I woke to a weired buzzing. It sounded like the alarm was going off, but there was no reason it should. In my groggy state, I un-plugged and re-set my alarm. The buzzing stopped.

By that time, I was awake -- so I got up to check e-mail and read the blogs in my reader... and the internet was out.

4:30 I went back to bed.

5:15 Blind Kitty had some kind of bizarre night-terror incident and woke me up. I put him out of the room and went back to sleep.

6:00 New Kitty goes nuts in the bedroom, walking on my bedside table and waking me... I put her out and went back to sleep

6:45 AM Hubby called, usually a reasonable time... but this time he woke me up. I went back to sleep.

7:10 The weird buzzing from 4:00 AM starts again. I unplug the alarm and try to figure out why it was going crazy. I moved it... and finally noticed that the buzzing was coming from the phone.

By that time, I was UP. I got up to see if the internet was working. It wasn't. I called the generic internet provider (GIP) we have here (yea for FCC requiring competition in apartments!! It's about time!!). GIP checks things out, it isn't them -- it is us.

8:00 -- and since I'm UP, I decide to go to water aerobics. So, I get dressed and head out.

8:20 I get to my gym. The pool is closed, because they can't manage the chemicals, or some such nonsense...

Now I'm determined. Something is going to go right -- dammit. I know that far-away suburb location of my gym has a 9:00 class.... and I can make it if I scurry...

9:00 I get to the gym, stuff my things in the locker and get in the pool...

only to find that this teacher is someone who thinks that having us move back and forth in the pool is a good idea. This would be fine, if I were of average height -- but, I'm tall and the pool is just almost too shallow... there are a few deep spots that are almost ok -- but the rest of the pool is where I spent a good portion of the class, so what would have been a decent class outside was kind of sucky.

At least I didn't spill the coffee I drank on the way home...

I don't teach until this evening, so I think I'm going to hang out and not try anything too challenging. I need to change the course of the day, or class is going to be rough.

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Anonymous said...

ugh, i hate it when they close the pool for stupid reason!