Saturday, November 17, 2007

RBOC (random bullets of Cats)

It has been a couple days since the last obligatory cat news...
  • New Kitty is left- pawed. She just tried to attack the cursor with her left paw, and the more I think about it -- she uses her left paw to hit Extra Toes.
  • Cat threesomes are much more adorable than the human variety ever could be. Today, again, they spent a large portion of the morning sleeping in one big pile of kitty.
  • Several years ago I bought a black fake-fur pillow from Pottery Barn. Lately, this pillow has been a favorite sleeping place for New Kitty and Extra Toes. Yesterday I realized that Blind Kitty's fur is the same color and length as the furry pillow.
  • Catnip seems to work to calm Blind Kitty -- he'll probably be getting some at bedtime every night.... as will the others. I hope there are no real side-effects from an addiction to catnip.

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