Thursday, November 01, 2007

Is it unreasonable...

In my life as debate coach, I got pretty good at asking for money. I didn't always get it, but I was always good at asking. For me, part of being good at asking is breaking down a budget to the level of student experience.

So, I could tell an administrator that X amount of money would bring y number of students to z number of local tournaments etc... These are fairly complex calculations and generally they were based on assumptions of costs etc -- but, the assumptions were usually pretty good because I did my homework. I did this homework before EVERY time I asked for money, and I made additional handouts for the people who would be making the decisions.
  • Is it unreasonable to expect an answer to "how many hours will you be open?" in response to a large request for money? Student funds are being used to support part of the infrastructure, thus the question was something like, 'how many hours will students not in your department's classes have access to this stuff?'.
  • Is it unreasonable to expect someone asking for money for any reason to be able to articulate why they need it and how it will be spent?
  • Is it unreasonable of me to worry about how we are educating students at BNCC if they can't answer these questions? How about if faculty and staff can't answer them?
  • Is it unreasonable of me to be concerned that the students and faculty members in question hadn't anticipated the basic questions that might be asked concerning their requests for money? Isn't that part of preparing for the meeting?
  • Is it unreasonable of me to ASK the questions?
  • Is it unreasonable of me not to accept the "is / ought" philosophy on distribution of funds?

It may be the case that my time on this committee is limited by my own desire for sanity..... is it unreasonable of me to quit?

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