Friday, November 02, 2007

Martian Child

On impulse, I went to see Martian Child.

We live very close to a huge movie theater, so sometimes when I want to procrastinate, I go to a movie. I don't see movies often (I have other ways in which to procrastinate), so I just find a movie that looks non-obnoxious and is starting in the next 10 minutes... It is kind of a random movie selector...

Today it was Martian Child... and it is good.

If you are a parent, you'll love this movie.

The general premise is John Cusak (or, however you spell it) as a widower who decides to adopt a child, because he and his wife intended to but never actually did it... He's a science-fiction writer whose work is about Mars. The child he meets and decides to adopt thinks He's from Mars.

There is no doubt the kid is kind of weird, but he's intelligent and generally healthy -- even though he spends the beginning of the movie in a box.... by choice. The story is about their developing relationship... and the challenges both of them face.

Go ahead and see it -- it is nice, sweet and compelling.

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