Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thnking about spring...

... on the deck.

Once Hubby comes home with the Jeep, I'll buy a table :)!! YEA!!

The big question is what kind of plants to buy?

I'll have some flowers, and at least one tomato plant, some basil and chives.. but, I have a lot of pots out there.

I'm thinking about more green plants, catnip, cat grass, extra chives and other stuff that doesn't flower, but is just green. I could also get some spiky stuff, some ferny stuff and other things that are green. The advantage to this plan is that they don't need to be deadheaded, they generally use less water and will survive my neglect more easily.

I like the idea of having a little green patio... hmmm.

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Anonymous said...

For spiky on the cheap, I recommend aloe. Mine multiplies like rabbits. I gave most of them away, eventually, like kittens.

And, speaking of cats, I actually only went out and got cat grass so that my cats would stop eating my chives. It worked, 'till one of them more or less mowed down the whole lot of it. Now, I have a bowl of dirt.