Monday, April 06, 2009

RBO the usual prof gripes....

Why is it the case that....
  • every time a local college student disappears, their friends are in my classes?
  • college students can't seem to walk along rivers, lakes, etc.. without falling in?
  • students who can't keep up with the class expect me to do it for them?
  • I don't reject emails, whose entire content is, "I know... I was gone the day we turned them in. but! My topic was about ______."
  • it isn't summer yet?


Bardiac said...

Gravity and alcohol, my friend. Gravity and alcohol. Neither goes well with cold or water, especially moving water.

I'm sorry to hear about the student.

Why isn't it summer?

timna said...

it's almost summer (if we don't count yesterday's snow).
my student winner today was the one who was asked in an online exercise what Al Gore's claims were in AIT and the student (who didn't come that day) said he couldn't find the Al Gore thing. I barely refrained from asking if he looked? was he awake when he looked? is he alive?

sigh. it's almost summer.