Sunday, April 26, 2009

The end of another era...

...or, at least the end of another kind of odd period in my life.

I've learned never to say "never" about Red State City...

When I finished my BA, I said I'd never regularly be back to that campus again -- except, that I was... both as a student and as an instructor.

When we moved out of base housing here, I said I'd never be back on base -- except, the next quarter I was teaching down there (best class, ever -- by the way. They were all in technical jobs in the Air Force and could follow directions!!).

So -- I figure it's best not to tempt Red State to suck me back again.

For now, what I can say is that I've probably had my last visit for love... at least for a while. I may end up back here for dissertation meetings, but for the next three years Hubby will be the one kissing me goodbye and staying home with the Queen and the Minion.

This has been a good weekend... the highlights:
  • Indian food -- YUM!! Enough for dinner on Thursday night and leftovers for lunch yesterday.
  • Good meeting with Dr. Advisor -- it put me on a writing path that should make my summer productive.
  • Good dinner at our favorite brew-pub place Friday. Hubby had leftovers yesterday.
  • Great visit to the zoo. It was rainy and cold, so it wasn't crowded. The zoo here is pretty spectacular for a city this size. It's compact, has several really good ecosystem-based exhibits and is one of the great things about this city.
  • Lovely afternoon/evening longing about reading books -- followed by Hubby getting take-out from our favorite barbecue place.
Today, the plan is to stuff my car full of hubby's things, maybe have some brunch and hit the road with my podcasts of Answer Me This -- which is really funny and more than a bit bawdy...

Answer Me This is clearly not intended for young kids (they'd learn way too many words for male private bits.. for one), or for playing out loud at work. If you like the British sense of humor -- try it. I subscribed to it on itunes and downloaded most of the free back episodes. Each one is about 25 minutes, so if you're driving, you don't need to fiddle with your ipod every 5 minutes... which can get very irritating.

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