Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Another pile of drafts -- today.

I have at least 25 drafts in my bag and I haven't started yet -- so, why not blog??

I hope this pile of drafts is better than the last one... I have some hope, but I'm also concerned...

I'm working at home today with the windows open -- and the frogs in the wetland outside my window are going nuts... it must be some kind of frog orgy out there.

Other stuff..
I had to go around and beg someone to be the 'second' name put forward for department chair. We have an odd contract provision that says that administration selects chairs from among two names. The problem is, it isn't usually the case that two people actually WANT to be chair. This year we tried to put someone up who will be on sabbatical next year --that didn't fly, so I had to ask the next qualified person I saw. She accepted, with the provision that she didn't want the job and I should make that very clear when I put both names forward.

Also -- I love my department... Yesterday we discussed the 'who votes' question. One of my brilliant colleagues suggested part-time folks get a vote that corresponds to their teaching load. So, if someone is teaching 80% of a full-time load, they'd get a vote that is a .8 of a vote.

This solved the problem of having someone who isn't particularly vested in the college having a vote that equals the vote of someone who is at BNCC forever.

So -- yea them!!

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