Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Best reason to want spring to come... ever....

In a conversation with Step-Dad (who lives in northen BN state -- up there by Canada!!).

Me: So, how's the weather up there?
Step-dad: We're still up to our butts in snow.
Me: Yea, that must suck, it is April.
Step-dad: I sure wish spring would come so I can find my teeth.

It seems Step-dad slipped outside around New Year's. His teeth flew out and into a snowbank. It was snowing at the time and he couldn't find them. His teeth have been outside in a snowbank since then.


fireweedroots said...

No kidding!
Now I don't feel quite as bad about the snow bank outside my patio...

BTW, I live in Sweden, but have very strong ties to Canada since I used to live there and have my son in Vancouver...)

Balou said...

Oh no! But it's kind of funny too. That's a long time to be eating pudding though.

Psych Post Doc said...

That's kind of funny. Probably not to him though.

Last year I found my cup holder from my car (which is a rubbery material and comes out for some reason), in my sister's driveway. I knew it had disappeared at some point and I blamed my husband who had nearly thrown it out a number of times. It seems it must have fallen off of a cup that it was stuck to and sat in the snow pile unitl spring. :)

I wonder what else your step-dad will find in that pile.

Riley said...

Thank you for assisting me in bursting out laughing! The image of the teeth flying is almost worthy of a Sunday comic.

Glad to see your man is home for the holidays.