Sunday, April 19, 2009

Burst of productivity... with long periods of slacking/moping

Most weekends we aren't together are supposed to be "work weekends" -- where we get caught up so we can hang out together when we actually do see one another..

This weekend was kind of one of those. I got stuff done on Thursday and Friday, so now I'm ready for the last weeks of school Saturday I started research for chapter 4 -- with the intention of finishing it today.

The whole finishing / making progress bit didn't really work out. I did about an hour of free/pre-writing, but other than that I've been a bum.

I have a hard time being productive when I'm missing my honey. It's been a long and tumultuous year. It's been an even longer three years -- and I'm ready for him to be home. When I realize that this time last year I had all my hair and both breasts -- I realize how quickly things can change and how much we've handled in the last year.

When I think about it, three years ago -- about this time I was getting tenure and Hubby was getting offers from his Red State Uni. He was excited about the chance to teach, we were both wary of the distance, but we knew we'd be able to make it. Now -- three years later I'm waiting for him to come home and very happy he's doing so, even though I'll be giving up my sabbatical and being the sole income.

It's exciting to think about what three years from now will be like. Hubby will be busy preparing for finals / writing papers or whatever 3Ls do.... hopefully he'll have a job lined up, be getting ready to take the bar exam etc... We could be getting ready to move -- or not, depending on where he gets a job.

Maybe he'll have already defended his dissertation -- and I'll be really upset if I haven't defended by then. Three years and a few weeks from now we'll be Hubby, JD, Ph.D. and ME, Ph.D..... won't we be fun to have at dinner parties?

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Contemporary Troubadour said...

The impatience is hard to combat. My husband and I are just as antsy to be done with the long-distance thing in a month!