Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Anybody want a Congres person...

... because I'm officially kicking one of ours out of the state.

She's just made a correlation between the current Swine Flu epidemic and the last one -- namely, that they've both happened under Democratic Presidents....

1) Umm.. no, the last one was when Ford as President-- he's one of your guys.
2) What do you really mean, that God hates Democrats and is trying to punish us for electing Obama?
3) If that's your theory... then 9-11 happened under the Republicans --

Really, she's too stupid to remain a citizen of my state.

I'm embarrassed that she went to the same high school my nieces and nephews will all graduate from.

I'm sad that she went to the same college as one of my favorite former colleagues.

She doesn't list her law school on her website -- but, according to Wikipedia, she has a law degree from Oral Roberts (no shock there!).

Every one of those institutions should demand their diplomas back.

Her hometown is a really cute little town over on the river -- can't we just move her onto a sandbar in the middle?? Maybe, just maybe, technically she'd be without a state (I don't want to foist her on cheese state, they don't deserve her).


Bardiac said...

I think they've disavowed every Republican before Reagan as too liberal, with the exception of Lincoln, because they ARE the party of Lincoln. So, Eisenhower, Roosevelt (Teddy, and he DID switch!), etc, all gone! Nixon is now practically a socialist what with letting the EPA through and all.

Contemporary Troubadour said...

Wow. How do people like this survive their own ignorance?

You know, you could always send her to Alaska ...

Bitty said...

Whoa. I know exactly who your Congressperson is from that description. Pretty sad; mostly I don't know who other folks' congresspeople are. Just my own.

But yours is infamous for her stoooopidity.

My condolences.