Monday, April 27, 2009

Department votes -- who gets to?

First of all, my "Department" at BNCC is comprised of several disciplines. We are all grouped together under one department chair (me, oddly enough). As a result, we don't have to make many decisions as a group. Each discipline is so unique that they all have different ways of conducting business and I try not to get too involved... which is probably what makes me a decent department chair.

But, in case two folks actually WANT to be department chair, we'll need to have a vote. It is also possible that we'll have to make decisions as a group... I'm not sure why, but we could.

The question is, who gets to vote.

The way I understand it, only full-time (tenure track) folks voted last time. This doesn't seem quite right to me, as the department chair's actions impact the adjunct folks as well.

Also, we have some folks who are full-time in other departments (English etc..) who teach one class per semester in my department. Do they get to vote? They are full-time elsewhere, but -- kind of -- adjuncts in our department.

I think now is a good time to talk about this, as I'm pretty sure I'm the only candidate for department chair -- so, there's no need for a vote.

So -- for those of you in departments with a variety of kinds of positions -- how do you decide who gets to vote?

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Anonymous said...

Actually, everywhere I've been, only the tenured faculty choose - with input from the non-tenured people. I think it was going on the same principle as who can vote on tenure. (And one place the faculty didn't even actually vote, we made a suggestion to the dean who officially chose unilaterally, though in practice he'd go with the dept's candidate.)