Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Hubby's headed home...!! He'll be here until Monday.

It's nice that his uni is Catholic and takes the Easter break concept seriously!!

Also, my super-star house cleaner is coming this morning. So, he'll come home to a clean place and a couple of surprised cats. I'll be home after class :).

Also, if things go as planned, this will be his last weekend trip home -- EVER! The next time he comes back, he'll be here to stay.


Seeking Solace said...

Hope you both have a nice weekend!

Psych Post Doc said...

Yay for last "visit" home forever, have a great weekend.

Contemporary Troubadour said...

Yay! Very happy for you. My other half will be with me this weekend too, then one more trip for me before I'm home with him for good.

mrc-w said...

That will be so good when he is back to stay!

Although when my husband and I were finally "back together" after long-distance, it took me a while to get used to him being around all the time, haha :) But it was a good adjustment to have to make!

Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

The first summer he was home it took some adjusting -- but, we also moved that summer, so there was lots of upheaval... last summer my cancer diagnosis happened immediately after finals week, so it was also an unusual summer.

This summer he's going to an institute at Cornell for three weeks in July, so just as I'm getting a little nuts, he'll go away :) -- not bad planning, eh?