Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dear stupid credit card comany

You've changed the due dates for our cards -- I'm sorry -- we missed it...

Your automated system called me yesterday. I made a payment that should post today. If it had been my choice, it would have posted yesterday -- BUT, I couldn't even call you back to talk to a person because I don't have that option. Your system doesn't even give a phone number or a partial credit card number... it just told me we that we owe you money and I paid up.

Today, at 8:07 A -friggin-M, a person called.... and got rude when I asked some questions, like "which of our two Chase accounts is this" and -- why don't you know that your automated system got money out of me yesterday.

I promise, y'all will be the first ones we pay off. We hate you -- your business practices are horrible, your phone staff isn't provided sufficient information when they call asking for money and your interest rates are too high. I'm further infuriated by the high taxes Hubby and I pay and the fact that an obscene amount of bail-out money went to you. The level of fury is topped-off by the fact that y'all helped CAUSE the financial melt-down in the first place.

Really, the least you could do is not to be rude. Why can't you manage to you good customer service and get your stuff together before you call me?

If the Congress fails to pass the proposed Credit Card reform plan, I may just march on Washington. The plan will prohibit most of the practices you are currently using to screw your "customers". I'm all for it and if you manage to defeat it, I'll loose much of my faith in our democracy.

Eventually Hubby and I will be 'upper income' (knock on wood, Law School Gods willing) -- and when we are, you won't be among the companies we EVER do business with.


Psych Post Doc said...

We paid off and closed our card with them too.

They tried to jack up our rate for no reason other than they've been careless and need more money. We were good customers, always paid on time, more than the current amount do. thank you.

mrc-w said...

If you ever march on Washington for this, call me up and I'll come with you!
I get frustrated with automated phone services, but if I dial "0" enough, it sometimes gets me to a real person (like a translator, but hey, at least it is a real person who can transfer me to another real person). Of course this doesn't work with all of the companies, but it's something to try...