Thursday, April 16, 2009

Finding connections is fun...

In casual conversation today, I found out that a new colleague knows some debate folks I know... and she sees them in the same way.

This sort of situation is kind of tricky -- because she knows them from grad school and I know them from debate. Sometimes people seem pretty decent in one situation and not so much in the other.

In one case in particular, a person we both know is someone I refuse to interact with. It's bad enough that I've put them on the very short "X does not exist" -- list. Folks on this list are so different from me in values and worldview that I've decided the only possible interactions with them will be contentious -- and they aren't worth the energy. New colleague sees this person in a similar way... which is nice both because it confirmed my interactions AND I don't have to be suspicious of New colleague's judgment.

The other folks we know in common I really liked and so does she...


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