Friday, May 01, 2009

Today... get caught up edition...

Last week -- and part of this week -- was draft-0-paloza...

Next week will be Logic-world. I'll give logic exams, grade them, assess extra-credit and get them course grades by Wednesday afternoon/Thursday morning. Being 100% caught up before my week of logic-hell is vital. By Thursday afternoon next week I'll know how many folks will be taking the logic final, how many will be re-taking the exam from Monday/Tuesday and how many will go away happy with their A's, B's or C's.

Today's challenge is the bag full of miscellaneous crap to grade. Make-up exams in logic, revisions, late stuff and the last regular writing assignment from bioethics.

I think I can get most of it done by about lunchtime... then I'll spend the weekend translating Dr. Advisor's comments into versions of my chapter -- and then rearranging things to see where I stand.

The nice thing about the way the semester ends is that I should have most of next weekend off from grading!!! So I can spend it actually working on the dissertation I'm rearranging this weekend!!!!!

During finals week I'll have a relatively small number of Logic exams to grade and two sets of final papers (with drafts attached!!). I should be done two weeks from today.

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